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Midas Array Podcast

The official UFPlanets community podcast, we talk about Star Trek and gaming

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This the the UFPs community podcast, hosted by Three of Seven and Sammygm every two weeks. There is also a third guest, someone from the community, who will bring some of their own discussion and opinions. There is only a vague outline of what we will be talking about but always a section to cover a number of Star Trek topics that have come up between podcasts.

We record these live on TeamSpeak, the channel is open to anyone to come and listen in on what is going on, you will be able to talk in text chat as well. The hosts may mention the text you posts or others might just respond to you, the live recording is the social side of this production.

If you have any feedback or want to be a guest, please get in touch with Three of Seven

Midas Array Podcast - Episode 11

Posted on Thursday January 03, 2019

Welcome to the ninth episode of the Midas Array Podcast, hosted by Three of Seven and Sammygm, with Ed Jowett (Shades of Vengeance) as our guest.

The game in the background is Star Trek Online. The Midas Array Podcast will next recorded live on Twitch once again, on the 15th January 2019 -

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