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Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

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Where can I download the game?

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force has been re-released by Activision and is available on at the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Store Page. Also included in the re-release is the Virtual Voyager Expansion, starring the entire cast, which allows you to tour the ship.

For help, tips and discussion see our Classic Star Trek Gaming forum.

Get stuck in with Holomatch

Want to get stuck right in with multiplayer Holomatch? Then we have you covered. Download our essentials map pack below for an immersive and exciting fragging experience. Included in this pack are the following maps; Pro_Faceoff, Pro_Voy1, Pro_Voy2, CTF_SpyGlass and CTF_FaceOff2, including a patch for the multiplayer server listing. View the images below for a map preview.

Connect to our Holomatch server at

Essential Maps and Multiplayer Fix

Download the Elite Force Essentials here