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  1. Also think of Seeker and the little chr on Lucky Charms box, I do! Tongue Out
  2. The command Courses are for Cadet wishing to something more then just be apart of the fleet, Some Lead, some help other areas within the fleet, check em out!
  3. A Leprechaun?
    Also, what do additional courses actually do?
  4. He is a priate That one! A true Leperchan! Tongue Out
  5. Ok, and thanks for the warning Big Grin
  6. Always check the STO schedule, there is always something going on with Seeker in Charge, but WATCH OUT! He'll steal your Latinum Tongue Out

    Also Mr. Dale, Good Job! congrats on your graduation & promotion to Petty Officer 3rd Class Congrats
    If you wish to do more courses, feel free to re-apply to the Academy!
  7. Thanks for the welcome Smile Are there any fun upcoming fleet events in STO?
  8. Welcome to the Fleet Dale!
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