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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, old friend Wink
  2. WOW didn't know you came back to the fleet kiflin, hope to talk to you soon!
  3. Yes sir my Christmas was great!
  4. Thank you my my friend, im sure you had a lovely Christmas yourself eh Number 1?
  5. good afternoon sir, hope your Christmas was a good one!
  6. Great meeting Number 1... I'll try to get you all the data you asked for soon as I can.
  7. Still need to have a meeting at your convenience.
  8. I sent you a couple of PMs sir.
  9. Sent you a IM waiting on you sir
  10. Do you have a minute on msn?
  11. Thank you sir I look forward to working with you.
  12. Congratz, and welcome to the team Wink
  13. Sir i have submitted my app for the Academy Progress Counselor, thanks for your interest also.Wink
  14. Well it looks like someone got a BIG promotion [Stands at attention] SIR!!!
  15. Greetings Sir, it would be improper for me to not introduce myself to Officer of higher rank.
    I am known as KiflinVisk't and it is a good to meet you.
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