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  1. thanks and glad to know that you are still here in the fleet Tongue Out
  2. Hi Stargazer! Sorry for not responding sooner but as you can see Dodgers is now CO of the HoK fleet and has sorted you out! Good to see you back though!

    G xxx
  3. Dear Grace,

    It has been a long time since I last time came here. I wanted to apologize for my suddenly disappearance form this fleet. I havent been playing for a long time and so I decide that it was time to come back to Star Trek online. and I was wondering if it was possible that you could help me with re-signing back with the fleet. I will do things that are required of me to do and I want to be able to come back to this fleet. I want to be in the science section of the fleet and help out with the building of the starbases if you are still building one. Again I hope to be able to join this fleet again and I look forward hearing back from you.

  4. yeah, so did i thought wrong, but i am very happy about how much STo have improved a lot while i was gone
  5. Hi Stargazer and welcome back! I hope you are doing well and it's nice to see you back sooner than the 5 years you mentioned! Smile
  6. Hi Grace Pryde

    I am Back from my busiest time of the school from college
  7. Thank you, i hope that i will be back five years from now
  8. Hi Stargazer! I'm sorry to hear you want to retire from the fleet! You can do so here. Best of luck with your course though!!

  9. Captain, ma'am,
    I have contacted the CO of the STO department and have not heard anything back from him about myself retiring from the fleet because I am going to college to study Engineering and i know that i will not have time to play.
  10. Aww. I had a few attempts as well. I'm sure it'll work out ok in the end! Just about to reply to your email! Smile

  11. I am having a problem with creating the graphic poster with the steps because the colors are not coming out right
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