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  1. Good to hear. I'm good, thankyou. I've just got back into playing ST:O a couple of months back. Wondering whether to go free to play with TOR or not, haven't played it this year. Also very much looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online.

    (With Q's help, my Klingon is finally level 50. :p )

    What's your poison these days?
  2. Hello! I am well thanks! How are you? What are you playing these days?

    G x
  3. 'Ello 'Ello!!

    Or was that "'Allo, 'Allo"? :p

    How are you?
  4. Middle aged lady? Not that I'm aware of, although I did have a senior moment a couple of weeks ago when I forgot my PIN number. First time that's ever happened to me, and all because I decided to memorise how many miles are in a lightyear. xD However, Due South did first air during my childhood, was long forgotten, then repeated in my late childhood. One of the best TV shows ever.

    No, not level 50 yet. I'm a 34 at the minute, I think. Slowly getting there, though finding my current planet a little boring. I've also been working a little on my smuggler. I have rolled a new character on a new server with a frind of mine, great fun. Also got a hang on the crew skills now. xD

    I don't really know anything about Guild Wars, except for what I've just quickly read through on Wikipedia.

  5. Due South?! Are you a middle aged lady? My Mother likes Due South!! Just pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 for the open world pvp. Still enjoying SWTOR though and focusing on getting my War Hero gear! Are you L50 yet?

    G x
  6. So according to the post below, you had a birthday. xD Hope it was a good one, and that you're doing well.

    Finally unlocked Legacy on TOR... Just need to figure out how that works now. (Between watching episodes of Due South and supposedly working on my photography project. xD)
  7. Ohhhh. I see. And uhm... I'm really slow. xD It took me well over a year to get my ST:O character up to top level.

    Josh was ace. And Sam... And Toby... And Leo... And the rest. :p
  8. No Rakata being the highest PVE armour set! You're not level 50 yet?! What have you been doing!!!!! There is so much for you to do! I'm working on my 4th L50 now! Need to level 2 more to get all of the class buffs under Legacy!

    I LOVE the West Wing! I used to have a crush on Josh! Ha ha!!

    G xxx
  9. Blimey you've been busy!! I didn't realise that the Rakata was a playable species. Yes, I'm still enjoying it. Still need to hit level 50, mind. xD (I'm soooo slow online games.) Got a JK on Alderaan at the minute and a smuggler on Taris, I think.

    Currently watching The West Wing. If only they still made TV like this.
  10. Yes still playing! I haave 1/4 Rakata and almost full BM now on my main. And have 2 other L50's. Legacy 25 and just started to level a Sith Marauder (L11) and an Operative (L21). Still enjoying it?
  11. Good to hear. I'm fine. Haven't logged in much the last few weeks. Looking forward to the 1.2 update though. Hopefully we Jedi can finally take our hoods down. You still playing it?
  12. I have been very well thanks Ende! How are you? Are you still in swtor? xx
  13. HI Grace, how have you been?
  14. Thankyou!
    Congratulations to you as well, Captain. Big Grin
  15. Ende, congratulations on your medals! Big Grin

    G xxx
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