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  1. How have you been my friend?
  2. Yup np; It won't take long
  3. Hey Kiflin could I catch you on MSN for a moment? Need to ask you something about the Academy for The Herald.
  4. i am on MSN now if you wanna chat
  5. kk i'll be on Smile
  6. We can meet around 6 pm eastern standard time today my friend.
  7. Thanks! I was stuck between 3, decided to choose this one Smile
  8. I like your profile picture Wink Good choice!
  9. Thank you! Big Grin
  10. Congratz on the Promotion, im sure you will be great in your new position.
  11. Sent you a pm, Petty Officer. Contact me if you have any questions. I am also on msn atm.
  12. thanks! ya my computer broke recently and I got my replacement on tuesday so i am all settled in now and back to my normal activeness Tongue Out
  13. Dont believe that your recent "active-ness" in the SFA forums is not going unnoticed Smile Great to see you around more, my friend. Keep it up!
  14. Sent you that link that you could not get to, wish you the best!
  15. kk thanks again! Smile
  16. thanks!
  17. thanks! gonna need it haha
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