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  1. Yeah sure! Just send me the details and script ahead of time, and I'll try and be available and prepared. You should note however that over the next two weeks I'm a staff member for an induction period of new recruits to the Canadian Forces. I'll have very few windows of opportunity, so my participation hinges on when you decide to film (although I could probably do voiceovers for a character played by someone else if you need to film when I'm not available)
  2. Hey MUllaly! would you like to be a member of the cast for my Proposal (Star Trek Discovery) I am looking for a cast and crew to film a 5 minute "DEMO" which is to be reviewed by FNN and then the series will be approved/denied.
  3. Thanks Jadzia. I like it too. Big Grin
  4. greetings Thomas Mullaly Tongue Out nice to see you changed your user name Tongue Out
  5. can you add me as Professor on Efront please Smile
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