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The Federation Credit

The Next-Gen Cryptocurrency created by the Community for the community.

Why are we developing a new cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies over the last decade have dominated discussions as the first widely adopted use of the technology, Bitcoin, took the world by storm. They have, for some, become an everyday currency to use in their day-to-day financial transactions such as retail purchases, or as part of their investment portfolio.

The Federation Credit will be a new token powered by one of the leading cryptocurrency blockchain technologies, the Ethereum blockchain, which provides low cost fees, real gains and with wider market adoption, as the Ferengi succinctly put it, profit. We aim to be the lowest cost cryptocurrency, whether that be transaction fees or gas fees, and we'll ensure using the ecosystem is cost effective, not only to the end-user, but for all users.

Our Funding Goals and Market Supply

To make this project a reality we need funding from you our community.

Initial Market Capital (Funding Goal)
Total Token Supply
Presale Supply (Early Adopters)
365 Days
Liquidity Providers Lock
Funding Goal End Date

Main Benefits

Here are a few reasons we're pushing this project and why you should support it.

It's green

Compared to the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, The Federation Credit uses "Proof of Stake" which promises to use 99% less energy compared to the alternative, and most commonly used form of crytographic proofing, "Proof of Work". The Federation Credit aims to be the greenest Cryptocurrency on the market.


Cryptocurrency benefits from what Fiat currency lacks, Transparency. Not only will token transactions be publicly viewable on a ledger to everyone, the Federation Credit tokens’ issued, reserve assets, and all corporate ledgers will be publicly available and updated for scrutiny.

Other tidbits

What other benefits does it offer


With a dedicated community behind the project, we can make this currency for everyone!

Use it anywhere

While market adoption will be limited initially, we'll endeavour to be supported by all payment systems!


Save your currency in an offline wallet (Cold storage) where no-one, not even the banks, can touch it!


Federation Credit will maintain standardised compliance to prevent money laundering, financing terrorism and other regulations.

Best-in-class customer support

With a team dedicated in its development within the community, we won't be far away to answer any questions.

Available in different currencies

By using the Ethereum blockchain, you will be able to easily exchange your tokens for other currencies on any exchange.

Become a backer

Choose the pledge package that is right for you.

  • Basic Backer
  • £50 / €59 / $66 Worth of tokens
  • Free physical Federation Credit token
  • £50 / €59 / $66

  • Super Backer
  • £100 / €118 / $132 Worth of tokens
  • Free physical Federation Credit token
  • branded t-shirt
  • £100 / €118 / $132

  • Major Backer
  • £200 / €236 / $264 Worth of tokens
  • Free physical Federation Credit token
  • branded t-shirt
  • Your name listed as a contributor to the project
  • £200 / €236 / $264

April Fools! If this was real then collectively we would have raised £3800 from a goal of £2500