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Star Trek Armada II

Armada II - PvE Event

Took place Wed 05 Oct, 2016 5:00 PM UTC+0
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2 people have confirmed attendance.

Event Description

All Hands: Battlestations!

We'll be playing Star Trek Armada 2 patched up to version 1.25 (Tunngle for the multiplayer connection.)
*Please note: be advised that in order to use Tunngle you need to make a free account. Please install all the required software in advance, so we can start playing straight away.

If you need help with installing Star Trek Armada 2 or Tunngle, please follow the link below to the installation guide:
[Guide] - Armada 2 Setup

If after following the guide you still require assistance, please feel free to contact me or another staff of Starfleet Tactical for help.

- Lieutenant JCarrill0
Starfleet Tactical Operations Officer

Other Details

6:00 PM BST   7:00 PM CEST
European Times
10:00 AM PDT   1:00 PM EDT
North American Times
4:00 AM AEDT
Australian Time
Star Trek Armada II, Tunngle, Teamspeak
UFP Teamspeak, Channel: Starfleet Tactical
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Members Going

  • JCarrill0
  • Marcus

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Wed 05 Oct, 2016 4:50 PM
Starting the Bi-Weekly Event in 10 mins, hope to see you there guys!