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SWTOR Flashpoints

Star Wars The Old Republic - PvE Event

Took place Sun 10 Dec, 2023 1:00 PM UTC+0
Hosted By
Chris Wilkinson
1 people have confirmed attendance.

Event Description


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Greetings fellow Champions!

Tonight we perform one or more dangerous missions to aid the Galaxy in it's glorious fight!

How many missions is determined by the galaxy's most wealthy, as they send urgent requests for help from all corners of the galaxy.

We may be up against members of the Hutt Cartels, smugglers, pirates, or a large faction such as the Republic or Empire!

It is hoped that all attending will make it back in one piece, but as ever - last messages to loved ones will be passed across should you fall in battle.

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This event will be either Republic or Imperial based depending on what characters we wish to play on the night.

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Vice Admiral Chris Wilkinson
Holodeck CO

Other Details

1:00 PM GMT   2:00 PM CET
European Times
5:00 AM PST   8:00 AM EST
North American Times
12:00 AM AEDT
Australian Time
Not Required
Patched client of The Old Republic
Meeting Location

Members Going

  • GriffinTalon

Tentatively Going

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