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Star Trek Online - STF Event

Get together with your fleet mates and form squads to earn points during STFs to win this event. Here are the rules: 1. Show Sportsmanship and UFP Spirit at all times! 2. The Squad War will last 2 weeks 3. Get together with your fleet mates to squads of 5 for the length of the event and report its members before the event starts to the event staff. Give yourself a nice name and maybe even a motto. Make sure there are only 2 ESF-members per squad. There is a limit on 20 squads. 4. Play Private Elite-STFs with any number of your squad mates and/or other UFP members - even with members of another squad. 5. Make a screenshot of you and your squad mates after finishing the STF and report it at the Event-Thread. The event staff will keep track of it in public. 6. Results per player will be counted as following: Participation = 1 Point Win = 2 Points Optional = 3 Points When there was more than one squad member in that particular STF the points will add up to a squad total. There is an extra-bonus for team play. If there has been more than one squad member within that STF the squad total will be multiplied by the following factors: 1 member = x1 2 members = x1,25 3 members = x1,5 4 members = x1,75 5 members = x2,0 7. After the 2 weeks the squad with the most overall points will be declared the winner.

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