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    Reach one-thousand posts on the forums


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    Reach reputation tier 6


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    Pass all three Academy exams


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    Sign three roll calls in a row

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    Participate in a Short Story Competition

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    Earn your first respect points


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    RSVP to one event via the Events System


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    Reach 500 posts on the forums


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    Sign a community proposal


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    Start a new forum topic


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    Be a member of Starfleet Operations


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    Show your division support by casting a vote in a Khitomer Games

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    Sit and pass the Academy Command Exam


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  1. Hadn't noticed it until mentioned. I guess I won't be making posts for a while. Wink
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    I agree with Mark! Awesome number. Big Grin
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    Gotta love your forum posts number Wink as of 9-17-16 it's 1701
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    You will indeed.
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    I'm doing well.

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    Yo yo yo I found this old gem.

    "A comment on Task Force-141's page
    21 Jan, 2010 @ 9:22pm - Task Force-141's page
    No no no Hermanator We do it with our Nukes they are hopeless if they still in the past we are modern we have stealth bombers harriers f16 tactical nuke and other stuff"

    That was some good old Steam roleplay!
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    pls not again pls
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    thank you for the reply. i am on Teamspeak as UFP-Stone in Members' Lounge
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    v0 master
    Celebrate Black Country Day by admiring this artistic representation of the Black Country's outstanding natural beauty.

    (Also, screw you I'm not even from the Black Country!)
  10. aha thank you very much Mr Halsey. You are so thoughtful. Have a pint on me Wink
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    Happy Birthday!
  12. Thank you very much. :mrgreen:
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    Love your most epic Avatar!
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    Alright Hermanator, congrats on being councilman for Risa!
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    Hey Herm,

    Pretty sure you're safe dude. Keep up the good work posting articles; even if I don't entirely agree with you stance on the Big Bang Theory, we can't all be right all the time...

    Big Grin
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    Thanks Hermanator, Loving the Rep
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    Thank You Herm Smile
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    Well I just asked for my old rank back so I didn't quite steal the enterprise, I probably would have if I needed to though XD
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    Ha ha, not anymore! Captain suits me so much better Tongue Out
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    I love you Avatar! Commitment at its finest.
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