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  • Affectionate
    Common (10 Points)

    Give positive reputation ten times to other users


    1.53% have received this achievement

  • The Mad House
    Common (10 Points)

    Be a member of the Holodeck


    12.53% have received this achievement

  • Well Respected
    Uncommon (25 Points)

    Reach reputation tier 6

    Unlocked Mon 13 Apr, 2015 4:02 AM

    0.67% have received this achievement

  • Set Phasers To Frag
    Very Rare (100 Points)

    Win an Annual Elite Force Tournament


    0.07% have received this achievement

  • Tour of Duty
    Uncommon (25 Points)

    RSVP to ten events via the Events System


    1.34% have received this achievement

  • Eternal Servitude!
    Uncommon (25 Points)

    Be a registered user for five years

    Unlocked Sun 08 May, 2016 7:02 PM

    50.89% have received this achievement

  • Petty Officer 3rd Class
    Common (10 Points)

    Receive the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class

    Unlocked Sat 24 Sep, 2016 10:55 PM

    9.29% have received this achievement

  • Spiteful
    Uncommon (25 Points)

    Give negative reputation twenty times to other users


    0.09% have received this achievement

  • Making the Rounds
    Common (10 Points)

    Post ten visitor messages on users' profiles


    0.82% have received this achievement

  • Command Material
    Common (10 Points)

    Sit and pass the Academy Command Exam


    4.53% have received this achievement

  • Crewman
    Common (10 Points)

    Receive the rank of Crewman

    Unlocked Sat 24 Sep, 2016 10:55 PM

    9.45% have received this achievement

  • Lieutenant
    Common (10 Points)

    Receive a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant


    1.21% have received this achievement

  • Exemplary Officer
    Common (10 Points)

    Sign two roll calls in a row


    10.55% have received this achievement

  • Becoming a Redshirt
    Common (10 Points)

    Earn your first respect points


    12.44% have received this achievement

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  • Janeway
  • Jordan
  • Lazereth
  • Three of Seven
  • Jonathan
  • Mikester92
  • Bridger
  • Connor
  • Ashley
  • Caymen Greener
  • Cehus
  • Infinity
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Cardiff, Wales
May 26
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Mon 09 May, 2011 12:08 PM
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Playing Games, Eating, Sleeping, Rustling Jimmies
CL3 - Starfleet Officers
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    CongratsCongrats on your Medal award Lt. Commander!
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    SO rude!
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    Thanks for being my Recruit Support Officer Ben! (Can I call you Ben? Wink )
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    Happy Birthday Ben Smile
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    Update your signature you lazy sod >_>
  6. Ben i love you Smile
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    Congrats Commander on a well deserved promotion.
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    Grats on your promotion
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    I'm on my phone silly
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    Have a nice life, if ya can Big Grin
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    Hey Smile
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    Merry Christmas, Hope you have a wonderful day and really enjoy yourself
  13. I live in St Mellons Smile
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    hay where in cardiff you from i used to live in cardiff well i was born there Ely lol now live in Swansea ( no i dnt support footy ) i moved cause work and my half half from here
  15. thx Smile
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    Happy Birthday.
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