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  1. thx n.n
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    Happy Birthday.
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    I am just writing to find out why I was removed from the ingame fleet. Im certain it was a mistake as I received no formal notification to the contrary. Can you or will you check into this form me; or better still direct me to the officer in charge of those afairs?


    CP3 pakman
  4. Nice!
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    Star Trek: Universe Season 1 Episode 3 is now Live - For full listings head to
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    The all new Episode 2 of Star Trek: Universe, comming soon!
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    i still need 4 i think... :/
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    whats up Crushed?
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    Hey Crushed, I think I am not going to get 10 more Votes on my Story... Sadly
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    "over lord er... " eh? You have to beat Seeker for that job! Your just the Asst. Overlord. So, if you crack the whip too much, you might see a revolt or mass succide ! Im kidding Insert --> Smile anyway Grats.
  11. thank you thank you I look froward to being your new over lord er... ahem XO glad to be aboard and looking forward to the challenges that come with this position as well as the rewards
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    Congratulations Lt.Commander
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    Congratz Mate Smile
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    Congrats on your Promotion!
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    Something interesting to read while your doing invites etc.
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    Merry Christmas, Hope you have a wonderful day and really enjoy yourself
  17. QQ just no winning
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    Is this a picture of you in a trek uniform? If it is, I prefer the shark eating the cube. lol
  19. lol "I've had worse."
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    boo on the ye ole shark..
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