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Gaming Mainly , but alsorts if I will try anything at least one
Ex Armed Forces of 12 years , suffer of invisible wound called PTSD so unable at this time to work .
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    Don't worry about it. I give out lots of rep points (95% time being positive), your rep won't be affected, in fact, I give out positive rep to members a lot. Big Grin
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    Oh right.
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    How did you make that STO thing?
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    lol,Thanks mate!
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    Baby lamb chop!Whatsup?
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    Congrats on your awards!
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    hey, can you contact me on MSN when you have a chance? I need to confirm something with you.
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    Hey,can you login to msn?pls
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    I was just messing around. Just a reference to the old G.I. Joe series .
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    Well now you know *a group of random people shouts* And knowing is half the battle!
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    No otherwise they would only give you the link for the full Sig.
  12. i am the baby i always be the baby i never grow up as i the one and only babyhead Smile please msg when i log on i read it Smile
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  15. 1
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    You commented on my profile...anyway, moving on.
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    Congratulations on getting a chevron ^_^
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    Greetings, Please make your way to read through Quantum Cafe located here in Starfleet Academy
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    Please contact me on MSN/WLM at when you are available, thanks. - Gregory House.
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    Thanks for the comment!!!
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