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Time is not linear. That is an illusion, that our minds will have overcome in time.

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  1. thank you Morris
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    Happy Birthday!!!
  3. heh, VFA? xD what for. Too much work. I'm here to have fun Smile
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    You should get your rank back WinN Smile come out of retirement and become one of us Tongue Out
  5. He has a life! Tongue Out They live
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    He lives!
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    What is the Retired Admiral doing these days?
  8. Welcome back! Smile

    Very nice to meet you WinN.
  9. thanks JCarrill0, happy to be heard.
    *salutes back*
    *moves away*
    *finds true toilet* for real!
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    Always happy to see a Retired Admiral!
  11. doing just fine, and more than that. Thank You Chris for the warm welcome.
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    Nice to see you dropping by. Hope you are well.
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    Happy Birthday WinN!
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    Happy Birthday Smile
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    Happy Birthday
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    happy birthday Smile
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    Happy Birthday old friend.
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    Thanks WinN!
  19. fortunately it wasnt safe. i hate living on the safe side xD. It was good though yea, quite fun.
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    Greetings Sir, Hope your Christmas was safe and good.
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