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Sat 12 May, 2012 10:05 AM
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  1. Happy 24th birthday.
  2. I kinda wish I purchased it earlier really, I remember you were talking about it back in October/November! Better late than never I suppose Cool

    Nice comp rank by the way!
  3. Heh, yep!

    Played a lot today and gained a lot of levels as a result, level 100 at the moment.

    How have you been then?
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    Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!
  7. giphy
  8. giphy
  9. giphy
  10. giphy

    I couldn't find a gif of a dog sitting on a router (your dog must be one of a kind!) but this is close enough
  11. giphy

    Here you go!

    Good luck again
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  13. giphy

    Good luck!
  14. Thanks! appreciate the Birthday messages! Smile
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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy birthday Torinth. I hope it was a great day for you.
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    Happy birthday!
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    Hey, thanks. Absolutely no problem with the delay, busy enough time for everyone. Smile
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    thank you for the birthday wishes Torinth!
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    Little bit late but HELLO!!
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