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    Long time no see. Hope you are doing well.
  2. Thanks for the B-day wishes!
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Sorry for ignoring your message yesterday on TS...I forgot I was logged in and went to bed!!
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    Ah ok. Well even if you do it doesn't take long! Well give me a shout if you need to. Smile

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    How are you getting on Celchu? Getting back into the swing of things? I don't want to be teaching you to suck eggs, but if you need any assistance then just let me know.

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    Hey Celchu Hop on TS really Quick?
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    Happy birthday!
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    Its ok amigo, just another day Tongue Out but you did however miss the awsome ice cream cake Smile
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    Im Looking for the Fleet bank job for STO
    Name : {UFP}Gripen
    Time in {UFP} : over one year
    Hours per week in sto : 10-30 hours plus
    Job Held in {Ufp} : none..

    Why Hire me. first i crafter and whant to give good crafted gear to the bank for to do that i need to make room in fleets tabs to put in better loot.

    Second im on al most 2-5 hours i day so i can keep an eye on the bank and hand out gear to those that need..

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    Hey don't forget your STO pics Wink
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    When you have a moment could you log onto MSN?
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    Hey Celchu, if you could contact me on MSN for a moment I would appreciate it Smile
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