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    welcome back Smile
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    happy late birthday jadzia
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday.
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    Hi Jadzia. *meow* Smile
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    Yeah sure! Just send me the details and script ahead of time, and I'll try and be available and prepared. You should note however that over the next two weeks I'm a staff member for an induction period of new recruits to the Canadian Forces. I'll have very few windows of opportunity, so my participation hinges on when you decide to film (although I could probably do voiceovers for a character played by someone else if you need to film when I'm not available)
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    ofc..... I should be able to.
  8. Roger I will send it my self
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    I dont think Reynalds has informed Neo yet and asked for his imput. Maybe thats something you can do now? I'd like to move this case ahead.
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    I will be on msn now and at least 5-6 hours forward or more just poke me when you get on
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    Yea i can get it to you the next time i catch you on msn
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    hello hows things not seen you in long long time Smile
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    Yes would be nice to catch up Smile
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    Congratz Jadz!We still have XO for SFF to choose Wink!lol
  15. thank-you!
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    Happy Birthday! Smile
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    Greetings LT, Hope your Christmas was safe and memorable.
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    Greetings and Hello back, Jadzia Wink
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    Meeting tonight on MSN 8:00 o'clock LT
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    Thanks! Smile you can message me whenever!
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