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    Thank you my my friend, im sure you had a lovely Christmas yourself eh Number 1?
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    Thanks Grim! I actually had a great Christmas! How was yours? Smile
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    Indeed it did, how about yours Captain?
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    Hello Captain,thank you for your greeting.Christmaswas awesome.How about yours,friend?
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    Great meeting Number 1... I'll try to get you all the data you asked for soon as I can.
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    Sadly,i have decommisioned myself for all tasks within UFP,so u should find another member,cause i am on LoA
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    Do you have a minute on msn?
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    Me too friend!!lol
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    Congratz, and welcome to the team Wink
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    Hey Grim! Nice to see you buddy! Sucks I cant be online more often, but thats life! Glad to see your still jumping around the forums and having fun! Big Grin
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    Greetings Sir, it would be improper for me to not introduce myself to Officer of higher rank.
    I am known as KiflinVisk't and it is a good to meet you.
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