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    Sit and pass the Orientation Assessment

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    Pass all three Academy exams

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    Sign two roll calls in a row

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    Sit and pass the Academy Command Exam

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    Join the United Federation of Planets


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    It is with great sadness that I announce, Grimm (Xbox GT: Darth Gr1mm), has passed away. His brother messaged his XBL friends to let them know on August 26, 2019.
    Though we are not aware of the details in his passing, I will say, that he and I met here in the {UFP}, played games together and chatted on Xbox Live. He was always kind, cheerful and fun to hang out with. My condolences to him and the gaming community on their loss.

    Gr1mm, I hope that you find peace and may you forever be able to watch over your family, friends and gaming communities.
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    I'm good Smile u?
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, old friend Wink
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    Congratulations on your Federation Star.
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    hi Grim,

    sorry not had a change to sort out my academy out, but been on exercise this week with my regiment. I will be on teamspeak around 7 GTM.

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    Congratulations on your promotion to ACADEMY CO! YOu have earned this position and I know you will not only do well, but will have fun at the same time! CONGRATULATIONS GRIM!!
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    Captain Grim!! How you been buddy?
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    Could you head on TS for a sec? Smile
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    I hope you succeed to all your best in the Internal Affairs XO position. Cool
    Congratulations once again on receiving the position.
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    Thank you Grim! Big Grin Hope all is well?
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    Hey Grim you find Retirement too boring as well?
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    Welcome to Risa!
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    Looking pretty good with your Risa sig there Big Grin
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    Sure I am off to dinner for the next 15 mins or so can you log on to TS then? Smile
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    Good Captain, and yourself?
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    Ambler, or about 20 minutes from Philadelphia.
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    I just realized... you're from PA too. Big Grin
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    Just patching now. Wont be on for long tonight as got family plans but Sunday all day, and hopefully most of Monday and Tuesday to play and maybe rank up a bit! Cant wait. Gotta also buy a new headset and mic.
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    Hey Buddy! I get my computer tommorrow! I should be on STO by mid-day early afternoon! If you are on, we should meet up so I can get my n00bness out fast! Big Grin
    Can't wait to rock the galaxy with you and the team! w00t! MONKEY WINS!!
  20. Captain Shepard, I also look forward to serving with you. Thank you for the warm welcome.
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