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Federation Citizen


  • Live Long and Prosper
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    Be a registered user for one year

    Unlocked Thu 04 Feb, 2016 3:13 AM

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  • The Needs of the Many
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    Donate any amount under £25 to the UFP

    Unlocked Thu 12 Feb, 2015 9:00 PM

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  • Eternal Servitude!
    Uncommon (25 Points)

    Be a registered user for five years

    Unlocked Tue 04 Feb, 2020 4:20 AM

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  • Becoming a Redshirt
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    Earn your first respect points

    Unlocked Sat 14 Feb, 2015 4:01 PM

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  • My 2 Cents
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    Post in a forum topic


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  • Firestarter
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    Start a new forum topic


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  • Making the Rounds
    Common (10 Points)

    Post ten visitor messages on users' profiles

    Unlocked Fri 06 Feb, 2015 3:01 AM

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  • Part of the Furniture
    Common (10 Points)

    Be a registered user for two years

    Unlocked Fri 03 Feb, 2017 9:04 AM

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  • Electorate
    Common (10 Points)

    Vote in a forum poll

    Unlocked Sat 29 Sep, 2018 1:28 PM

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  • Affectionate
    Common (10 Points)

    Give positive reputation ten times to other users

    Unlocked Sat 14 Feb, 2015 5:02 PM

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    Thank you Captain! Wink
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  3. Well thanks you Janeway Big Grin
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    I'm good thanks. I'm sure i'll see you around.
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    Hey Janeway! How are you doing?
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    Ha Ha, I always like to help out the community here. And for sure we'll see you around sto!
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    fulfilling my duties here at UFP and then maybe dive into STO for a bit at some point.
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    Sounds to me like you are enjoying Valentine's day just fine Tongue Out
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    Hey there! I'm good Janeway. Yourself?
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    This sums up my feelings about Coffee.
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    ha ha thanks!
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