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Glasgow, Scotland, UK
April 28, 1989 (31)
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Sun 28 Nov, 2010 1:06 PM
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Sci-Fi, Anime, 3D Modeling
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    You ever coming back Dodgers?
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    Happy Birthday Dodgers! Smile
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    qoSlIj DatIvjaj
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    Happy Birthday!

    Have a good one. :mrgreen:
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    and I am also having problem with the teamspeak3 token
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    hi where is the link for rankings? I want to find out what do I have to do in order to increase my standing in the fleet and become a helpful member of the guild?
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    Dear Dodgers,

    It has been a long time since I last time came here. I wanted to apologize for my suddenly disappearance form this fleet. I havent been playing for a long time and so I decide that it was time to come back to Star Trek online. and I was wondering if it was possible that you could help me with re-signing back with the fleet. I will do things that are required of me to do and I want to be able to come back to this fleet. I want to be in the science section of the fleet and help out with the building of the starbases if you are still building one. Again I hope to be able to join this fleet again and I look forward hearing back from you.

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    CongratsCongrats on your Medal award Commodore!
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    Dodgers, shouldn't your Sig circle be Gold like the other Commodore's/Admiral's?
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    I see new STO Signatures are made so ill delete all my files from my pc. :/
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    Hello Sir. Have done the update on the Site. Hope it looks good and people are able to read them now Smile
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    Star Trek: Universe Season 1 Episode 3 is now Live - For full listings head to
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    can you get that Char. ready for later tonight Sir?
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    The all new Episode 2 of Star Trek: Universe, comming soon!
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    Happy Birthdaay old man..and 183184 1870549770276 1437084374 32158460 1807132 n 1
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    Happy Birthday.
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    Happy Birthday!!!!! Big Grin
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    Hey Dodgers, this is Avenger, I'm making a slightly less celebrated return to UFP via STO! I'm more of a casual gamer nowadays but I knew exactly where to come when I needed to get to find some other good gamers. By the way... Since when did you become captain??? I remember being your boss Wink haha
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    Thanks for your Opinions bud! I appreciate that before buying it
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    Congratulations Captain D! I know the House of Kular is in good hands! If you require any assistnce then I am happy to help.

    Grace x
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