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Life (2017) Movie Review

This Month FNS goes to the International Space Station and reviews LIFE, set in the midst of a new but terrifying discovery.

By directorcoulson Wed 05 Apr, 2017 3:53 AM - Last Updated: Wed 05 Apr, 2017 4:58 PM
FNS brings you the latest review on the new action-thriller, LIFE. Before we begin, be advised, as part of my new initiative, there will also be spoiler articles for each movie review I write. Notice - You should read this article and attempt to watch the movie on your own before reading my scene by scene spoilers.

Basic Plot (No Spoliers)

The plot of LIFE, while pretty clear through the Teasers and now the FINAL RED BAND TRAILER, is set in the International Space Station in 2017, where the ISS Crew is tasked with picking up a failed sample collection mission from a previously unsearched part of Mars. After making a huge risk and breaking protocol to catch the collection module, the crew examine the samples that were collected for any evidence of Life on Mars. The plot thickens and while examining the sample the Crew Biologist is attacked by a Multi Cellular Organism and the movie goes haywire from there.

Initial Impression

After the initial teaser trailer that came out, around October of 2016, the plot was clearly about the ISS encountering some creature that killed someone on their crew and they have to try to survive. They never confirmed or denied what crew member actually died or how, but they did very clearly show that the Biologist was severely injured by the creature and that someone else in the room was killed, not the biologist.

After seeing the final trailer and the red band trailer in early March, we could confirm that the creature had injured the biologist only after being provoked by a taser like test also that the person that was killed in the room was a male member of the crew, and died due to the creature causing severe harm to his body.

All of this led people to speculate, even though many didn't want it to be true, that Ryan Reynolds' Character, Flight Engineer Rory from America was the first killed by the creature; even when asked the actor denied the speculation that he was the first to die.

Theory Before Going In

So, for a lot of moviegoers, the problems where that no one could get a grabs on who would survive or die. Whether there was the hope that the crew would kill the creature in time to be rescued or to escape through appropriate escape pods. And who was in the flight suit that the creature attempted to flood with fluids. And did that crew member die or not?

My Theory was:
Flight Engineer Rory (Ryan Reynolds) was going to be killed and that would follow by the CDC Specialist on board (Rebecca Ferguson) and then the crew would begin to plan a grand escape followed by the ISS Commander dying either in the suit or by some other means. The biologist would die from his original injuries or by the hand of the creature. Leaving the Pilot and the Chief Medical Officer (Jake Gylennhall) to escape and live to tell the tale.

You will find out what actually happened in my next article as part of Project Iron Pen, a FNS Movie Spoiler Project.

Final Take

My final take after watching the movie, first of all, My theory was very very close. And that the ending was very disappointing for me and other viewers around me. They saw the ending as a loss in terms of the possibility for a good sequel to come out of it. Now you'll know why when your read the spoiler article. But, what I will tell you is that for all the Crew went through to end up with the Primary Goal of the Quarantine Officer to fail COMPLETELY and leave us in suspense, wasn't cool to say the least.


Of a total possible score of 10, this movie (LIFE) has earned 7.5 points. The Breakdown is below.
Explanation of the Plot - 0 / Explaining why and how the FAILURE to the Sample Module happened maybe would've helped a lot.

  • Beginning Action Sequence - 1 - The thrill didn't build and the movie trailers revealed too much about that scene for me to be scared.
  • Story-line Establishment - 3 - Conversations that the remaining crew had before imminent death helped the character building.
  • Death Scenes (Blood / Gore / Thrill) - 3 - The Creature consuming the two main characters was very thrilling when it happened and their final moment was very deepening to the horror that the fellow crew members watched while floating helplessly in front of them.

Thank you for reading this movie review! Check back for future reviews of movies by the Federation News Service.

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Well written Chris you have done well.
Sat 08 Apr, 2017 12:20 AM
Good read, you clearly did research on the topic.
Sat 08 Apr, 2017 6:14 AM

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