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Return of the Crystalline Entity

Fight the Crystalline Entity in Star Trek Online and earn some rewards for doing so!

By Three of Seven Thu 06 Jun, 2019 7:10 PM
The Crystalline Entity, first encounted in the episode Datalore from The Next Generation, and has been a queue within Star Trek Online for some time now, as well as being part of many events over the years. We now see it return as an event once more, with the Featured TFO system, marking some differences from the previous times this has been run as an event.

Daily completion doesn't reward Crystal Shards like it once did, but TFO Commendations, which you can use towards any TFO event you haven't yet finished, as well as buy them from the C-Store if you want to complete the mission quickly. Additionally, you can get tokens towards the Ship Coupon system that was annouced a few Featured TFOs ago.

If you had any of the old missions slotted in the reputation projects, like the Crystalline Entity event which rewarded the old items, these will be automatically completed, regardless of the progress you made on them, here is a list of all events eligable for that.

Crystalline Cataclysm
Into the Breach
First Contact Day
Kobayashi Maru
Mirror Universe Invasion
Sompek Arena

Projects that have been completed this way will be in the Event Reputation area waiting to be claimed, the process will reward you the items, dilithium ore, and marks. They will also be correctly marked as account-wide where applicable. Additionally, if you had any items, like the previously mentioned Crystal Shards, in your inventory, these have been removed. There are no changes set for the Winter, Summer or Anniversary events at this time.

If you wish to read the full story over on the Perfect World website here.

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Thu 06 Jun, 2019 7:20 PM
Claimed a cool 450,000 Dilithiums from my previous un-done projects! Cool
Thu 06 Jun, 2019 7:24 PM
Claimed a cool 450,000 Dilithiums from my previous un-done projects! Cool
Get a load of this hacker.
Fri 07 Jun, 2019 11:26 PM
I'm surprised no more shards... I kept an old crystalline mission from several months ago in the hope of banking on it and this new one.
Sun 09 Jun, 2019 3:28 AM
Claimed a cool 450,000 Dilithiums from my previous un-done projects! Cool
Shocked man I wish I didn't clear out the others, I at least kept the Crystalline ones queued, it definitely wasn't 450k though Sad .