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Film & Comic Con Sheffield Review

Having attended the Film & Comic Con Sheffield, Three of Seven gives her view on how it all went.

By Three of Seven Mon 12 Aug, 2019 12:35 AM
Over the weekend of 10th and 11th of August, the Film & Comic Con Sheffield (FCCS), run by Showmasters took place at the FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield. The event started with notices of four guests being unable to attend, some due to calendar conflicts, like Alice Krige, and others due to external factors, like the power outages disrupting the trains. Guest cancellations are a pretty normal occurrence, although they can be disappointing for people who really wanted to go see them, sometimes, it just can't be helped.

The event itself was considerably smaller to previous years, from what I had been told by various stall owners, this being my first FCCS, I don't have a comparison of my own to draw upon. Being really small, it did seem good for those with small kids to have a day out, or even people dipping their toes into the idea of going to a convention, but for those who enjoy going round dealer stands, buying things, not really much of that. Going round and getting a good look at everything took around 30 minutes, and from what one dealer told me, the Saturday show died down after 2pm.
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Even with the small numbers of people, the show as a whole had a friendly atmosphere to it; dealers were willing to talk and engage, staff were on hand to help out, and visitors coming in cosplay made some fun as well, such as having little singing circles or a conga line. There were some people who left feeling a bit disappointed, mostly due to size, and for some, due to guest pullouts, but there were those who tried to make the best of everything, and the space provided on the show floor.

Star Trek wise, there were two stalls, one was Manchester Starfleet, who attend Showmasters conventions a lot, and they were raising money for the Alzheimer's Society, which over the weekend, they managed to raise a total of £521 from the tombola they were running. Additionally Spacedock Birmingham were there raising some money for charity, but they were selling Trek merchandise, old and recent, one item that really caught my eye was a CD player in the shape of the USS Defiant. Much like many of the exhibitors at the FCCS, they were willing to spend time talking to people about the shared interest.

There were a number of other charity tables as well, people raising money solely for charity get a free display, so they don't need to worry about covering the costs of renting space. This meant that there were a fair few tombolas around, these attracted people, especially families who brought kids along.

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Size:  44.4 KBOther interesting items for purchase were alcohols from Romania, these were wine and brandy, Transylvania themed, produced by the Legendary Dracula company. Some of the bottles looked really amazing, the brandy had a padlock with a key on it, and a wine I have purchased, just not had a chance to taste it yet, this is more a personal interest for me!

Another of my interests is cats, and one company, Nema Studios, has created a comic called "The Incredible Adventures of Duck Boy", and had some adorable figures created as well. I've not had a chance to read the comic just yet, but keep your eye out because I will be talking about it.

In closing, while this Film & Comic Con Sheffield had some hiccups, such as the size, and cancellations, it was possible for visitors to make the most out of the event by talking with the exhibitors, meeting new people with shared interests, or just getting a tiny taste for conventions. Hopefully the event returns in the future, but perhaps with a bit more growth, to keep people interested, and making it more of a day out for those coming to the FCCS.

There will be a few more stories coming out in the next few days about some of the other areas, these will be the comic mentioned earlier, and a bit about Manchester Starfleet. If there is anything you want to ask me about anything, feel free to drop a reply.

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