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Nickelodeon Star Trek Animated Series

The writers for the Nickelodeon animated series have been released.

By Three of Seven Sat 17 Aug, 2019 8:46 PM
Nickelodeon will be showing a new animated Star Trek series, which will be friendly for children, but should also appeal to some Trek fans as well. There is a more mature version coming out, called Star Trek: Lower Decks, but this is not the Nickelodeon one.

The writers confirmed for the show are, Julie and Shawna Benson who have written for DC Comics on Green Arrow and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey, they have both also got some experience in writing TV shows. Chad Quandt and Aaron Waltke are also on the writing team, they have both worked on Trollhunters and Unikitty, so quite well suited to a role in a child friendly Trek.

To round off the writing team, Erin McNamara, Keith Sweet, Lisa Boyd, Diandra Pendle-Thompson and Nikhil Jayaram join. Diandra and Nikhil both have some experience in TV writing, the others don't have any major shows under their belts from the remaining lineup.

Talking about the series, Kurtzman said "I won’t announce the name of the Nickelodeon show, but that’s a really different show. That’s a show that’s for kids, younger. Full CG animation. It’s going to be incredibly cinematic. We just started seeing [storyboards] this week. going on to say how "It looks like, wow. It’s on par with Love, Death & Robots in terms of beauty and lighting and cinema, so it’s a really different feel, and Nickelodeon has been wildly supportive and I think very excited to bring a new energy to TV, you know, in animation."

Are you going to be taking a look at the Nickelodeon animated series?

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Sat 17 Aug, 2019 9:06 PM
Sounds interesting.