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STO Awakening Launched

The update to Star Trek Online has now reached PC, and will be coming to consoles in October.

By Three of Seven Tue 10 Sep, 2019 9:45 PM
As many of you will already be aware, the update for Star Trek Online Awakening has launched today on PC! This update will also go live on console in October, on the 15th, so just over a month to go for any console players out there! In this update, captains will return to the 25th Century and team up with a sentient hologram of Lt. Commander Paul Stamets (voiced by Anthony Rapp from Star Trek: Discovery) to stop the Klingons from destroying the Mycelial Network. Captains will also discover a new series of patrols to repair rifts in the fabric of space, a brand new Task Force Operation and Mycelial Event to earn a new T6 starship.

Name:  stoawakekeyart.jpg
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Size:  43.5 KBIn Age of Discovery, captains were introducted to J'Ula, sister of T'Kucma, and matriarch of the Klingon House of Mo’Kai. This savage leader attacked the Federation of Planets at Starbase 1, which had an inadvertent side effect of transporting both fleets to the year 2410 with the use of stolen Mycelial spore technology.

It is now up to the bravest captains to track down J'Ula, and make sure she does not corrupt the Mycelial Network, to accomplish this, players will require the skills of the legendary Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets from the U.S.S. Discovery, well, a hologram of him anyway. With his guidance, players will navigate their way through the netweork and reverse the damage caused by the Klingons, and in the process face off against a familiar enemy, the Elachi.

These events all take place in a brand new featured episode and across five added patrols for Star Trek Online: Awakening. Today’s PC update also introduces an exciting new TFO, a limited-time Mycelial Event that allows players to earn the new T6 Elachi ship, and revamped UI/Systems updates.

A full list of features now available with Awakening include:

Brand New Featured Episode - Captains hailing from all of the game’s factions can participate in the new featured episode “Beneath the Skin.” Players will depend on a hologram of Commander Paul Stamets from the U.S.S Discovery to safely guide them through the Mycelial Network.
Five New Patrols – Players can embark on a mission with Stamets and Star Trek Online luminaries like Lukari Captain Kuumaarke to close the rifts caused by the Klingons.
New Task Force Operation – Up to five players can participate in this special ground TFO against the Elachi, which tasks them with shutting down probes that threaten to destroy the Mycelial Network.
Mycelial Event – Captains who participate in this special event can earn the new T6 Elachi ship by playing through the new featured episode, patrols and TFO throughout the next month.
New Event UI – The dev team has revamped the Event UI to make it easier for players to access new special events.
Patrol Systems – A new tab has been added to the PvE system, which allows captains to immediately enter selected patrols and gain bonus rewards.
New Starships – In just two weeks, players will be able to purchase the new Cross Faction Intel Science Bundle, which includes the Klingon Balth and the U.S.S. Somerville, a starship first introduced in the Star Trek Comics from IDW Publishing.

Has anyone had a chance to play the new update? Or are the any console players looking forward to the update?

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