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The rumours were true, and GOG has released a number of classic Star Trek titles

By Three of Seven Wed 08 Sep, 2021 11:55 AM
Not too long ago we reported on the rumour that GOG had been planning on releasing a number of classic Star Trek games. Today, they have made them available, and this day also being Star Trek day, what better present for a Trekkie than this! Adster also made a thread on the forums, so you already know this news!

Currently, there are 6 games offered up, these are Elite Force 1 & 2, Bridge Commander, Away Team, Hidden Evil, and Starfleet Command 3. This means the RTS games, Armada 1 & 2 will be coming at a later date, most likley at the same price, and talking of price, each one will set you back £8.39, so for all six currently available, that will be a total of £50.34! Or your regional equivalent of pricing!

For those who never had a chance to play these games when they were younger, this is a good opportunity, as it is for those who want to expierence these games again, without jumping through hoops to get them to work! As for multiplayer, it doesn't look like that has been refereshed for these games, but I'm sure we'll soon find out how that'll all come together!

If you are interested in picking up any of these titles click here to go to the store, and feel free to share what you have bought! If you wish to host an event for one of these titles as well, you can do so on our events page by scrolling to the bottom, and pressing the "add new event listing" button, anyone who is CL3 or above can host events!

Happy Star Trek day!

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Wed 08 Sep, 2021 8:51 PM
I'd love a ST: BC remaster!
Thu 09 Sep, 2021 4:09 AM
OOOH YEAH!!! Looking forward to playing these again. I had lost my CDs and I'm not about to pay $50 for an eBay replacement. This is the way it should go!