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Space Perspective Offers 'Balloon Travel' Into The Atmosphere.

One company is finding their space in this new industry by offering a downscaled experience.

By Silek Sat 11 Sep, 2021 9:33 PM - Last Updated: Thu 24 Feb, 2022 12:05 PM
As we watch the world's billionaires take off from Earth to realize their dreams of flying among the stars, the Space Tourism Industry has increasingly grown not only in its positive public perception, but in its ability to deliver on their promises.

This summer alone we have watched the mostly successful flights of Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, as they propelled not only themselves, but the very idea that with enough money, anyone, maybe even including ourselves, might find them in the cockpit of a starship, experiencing the adventure of space-flight.

While there may not really be a 'budget carrier' or any option that may lend these new activities to anyone but the very rich, one company is finding their space in this new industry by offering a downscaled experience with a smaller financial barrier to entry than it's more brazen and lofty counterparts.SpacePerspectivesNeptuneOne
Neptune One

Florida based Space Perspective, has positioned itself as a company that can provide near-space perspective at a fraction of the cost current space industry leaders are offering, or considering. This month Space Perspectives completed a successful test launch of it's space balloon Neptune One, showing that not only is their concept sound, but that its successful operation would allow them to prepare for their fist commercial flights as early as 2024.

While the space balloon doesn't go as far as the 62 mile mark into space that would truly represent leaving the atmosphere, at a height of nineteen miles, Jane Poynter, founder of Space Perspectives, along with her husband Taber McCallum said ““The experience is indistinguishable from other commercial space-tourism flights. You can see the full blackness of space and 450 miles in every direction on Earth, including all of Florida and into the Bahamas.”

Some aspects of the experience are sold as features, instead of bugs. Although guests will not go as high into space as a ticket with Blue Origin, or Virgin Galactic, Poynter notes the differences that would make space balloon travel more enticing.
The Neptune One is set up more as a relaxing lounge with a bar, restrooms, and even WiFi. At an ascent rate of twelve miles per hour, its six hour and thirty-seven minute flight time is being marketed as a leisurely, relaxing experience. Answering questions from reporters she said, “Everything is slow, gentle and comfortable, you’re not blasting into space on top of a rocket, with the fury and vibrations that involves.”

Another key feature about the experience is the price. While Virgin Galactic first started pondering a $250,000 passenger ticket price, while admitting this number would likely go up, and Jeff Bezos still thinking the number will be feasible in the millions, Space Perspective has already began selling tickets for $150,000.This follows their forecasting which predicts not only will this price open up options for others than the 'very' rich, but also hold to market demands.

Poynter is the first to point this out stating, “You’re already beginning to see a whole ecosystem develop, including companies focused on training and service and even a space travel agency. We’ve seen that demand ourselves, at one of our recent events, we sold 25 tickets within 25 minutes.”

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Sun 12 Sep, 2021 5:53 AM
Nice idea, but the cost is not "a fraction" of the competitors. It is a start, and some year will be a commodity.
Thu 14 Oct, 2021 12:28 PM
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