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Boeing X-37B Lands Successfully & Sets New Records

The X-37B completes historic 6th sucessful landing since 2010!

By Solace Tue 15 Nov, 2022 6:59 PM
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Size:  191.0 KBThe Boeing built X-37B OTV (Orbital Test Vehicle), has set a new endurance record after spending 908 days in low earth orbit, smashing its previously held record of 708 days in orbit. The craft also made its sixth successful landing since its launch in 2010 landing safely at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on November 12th at 5:22am Eastern Time.

Over its long history the X-37B has hosted numerous experiments to further our understanding of the long term effects of space travel, new miracle materials that could be used to create new spacecraft for long term missions past our pale blue dot. In May 2020 the X-37B was launched from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station attached to a ULA (United Launch Alliance) Atlas V rocket.

The X-37B was modified to carry a service module increasing the number of payloads it can carry into orbit. Most notably, this mission also included the launch of the FalconSat-8 satellite which tested numerous innovations such as; a new electromagnetic propulsion system, low-weight antenna tech and a new commerical reaction wheel that would allow for attitude control while in orbit.

During its time in orbit the X-37B also hosted the Materials Exposure and Technology Innovation in Space (METIS-2) experiment which measured the effects of exposure on various materials to see how well they stood up to the harsh environment of space. NASA also conducted an experiment on the long-term effects of space exposure on seeds in order to further research into future interplanetary and space bases.

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Wed 16 Nov, 2022 4:37 PM
this ship is quite small.

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Wed 16 Nov, 2022 4:53 PM
this ship is quite small.

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The ship doesn't need an actual crew as its full automated, incredible how far we've come in robotics in the last few years.
Wed 16 Nov, 2022 4:56 PM
It's a little baby shuttle!
Thu 17 Nov, 2022 8:48 AM
Awwwww, it's so cute!