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Star Wars Outlaws: Cinematic trailer released.

Last month Lucasfilm and Massive Entertainment released the world premiere cinematic teaser for the first ever open-world Star Wars video game and it impresses with both vision and execution.

By WoorLord Tue 04 Jul, 2023 2:40 PM
Following hard on the heels of games like Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Hogwarts Legacy, LucasFilms and Massive Entertainment (a Ubisoft studio) have released the first cinematic trailer of the long anticipated Open-World video game; Star Wars Outlaws.

Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the game invites players to take control of freedom seeking scoundrel Kay Vess, who along with her trusty (and insanely cute,) Axolotl-like Merqaal companion Nix, will allow players to explore distinct planets across the galaxy, both iconic and new. Fighting, stealing, and outwitting their way through the galaxy’s crime syndicates as they join the galaxy’s most wanted.

A departure from the old ways - a new direction for Star Wars

The game marks somewhat of a departure from the well-established strict story driven games set in the Star Wars universe like Knights of the Old Republic, their existing MMO The Old Republic and most recently the Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor titles, allowing players to carve their own path with freedom to explore beyond the main story. This game also moves LucasFilm away from the focus on players being a Jedi in the making, and instead allows players to live their Han Solo fantasies as a galactic smuggler, scoundrel, and thief. It is also the first time there has been a female only option as a main character. What this game is not going to do, however, is give players as much freedom and character choice as they enjoyed in Star Wars Galaxy.

Speaking about the intended game experience for players, Ubisoft’s Game Director, Mathias Karlson said,
“One of the key pillars for both Kay the character, and the core gameplay in general, is what we call a resourceful underdog. Kay is a capable and daring person and we reflect that in gameplay with you having access to a wide range of actions and abilities ever growing of course as you play through the game, ranging from steal to full on firefights.”
He continued
“if we can make the player think like “oh, I can’t believe I made it” when they just play through something, then it’s a success.”
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A galaxy where your reputation is everything

A key currency that will run throughout the game is Kay’s perceived reputation with any of the numerous crime syndicates that litter the Star Wars galaxy. Navid Khavari, Ubisoft Narrative Director said,
“Kay’s reputation with the syndicates will play a big role in how she approaches her journey, whether it’s the Pykes, Hutts or others.

“We had a saying that in the underworld you live and die by your reputation. If a job she takes hurts a syndicate, those opportunities aren’t available. So, her choices play into how she experiences her journey.”
Star Wars Outlaws will also bring new worlds and races to the Star Wars Universe, Ubisoft’s Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, described the focus they had on putting their own stamp on the Star Wars universe,
“Ever since we kicked off this project in collaboration with LucasFilm Games, one of the things they were passionate about was authenticity. One of the things we were passionate about is bringing something to the galaxy of Star Wars, and one of the biggest things was a moon called Toshara, and Toshara was developed working very closely with LucasFilm. Everything from its vegetation to the wildlife, to its deep rich culture, and all the activities that we (players) can discover.”
As this game takes place during the original trilogy era, the Empire is at the height of its influence and power. But unlike previous Star Wars games they aren’t just being used as the ultimate bad guys ready to blast you on sight. In Star Wars Outlaws the Empire is treated just like any other syndicate, they're just a little bit bigger and more powerful than the others. As a freelance rogue, (and without the baggage of Jedi-like force powers), you can gain favour with them, side with and help Governors extort from their own trade routes, or smuggle in whatever illegal narcotic the System Moff would like to indulge in. Alternatively you could play the Empire at its own political games, you could resist their corruption and gain a wanted status, potentially leading to a great many Star Destroyers hunting you down at every possible turn.

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Seamless ground to orbit journeys

Star Wars Outlaws will also allow players to take their character off-world in real time, enjoying an authentic Star Wars experience dodging enemies in asteroid fields and high in orbit above planets. Speaking about the opportunity to design a new ship for Star Wars, Julian Gerighty said,
“If there’s one dream that a lot of game developers have, it’s to help design a spaceship for Star Wars. Our take on that is the Trailblazer.”
Navid Khavari went on to give more detail about the new ship,
“The Trailblazer is an EML 850 light freighter from the Republic era, but to Kay, this is home. If you’re a scoundrel travelling throughout the galaxy, the first thing you need is a ship, and for Kay, there’s none better than the Trailblazer.”
The game will look to create seamless transfers from ground to orbit, without loading screens or other loading cutscenes to break the players immersion. So far, just from the trailers and cinematics, it really looks as if the developers have succeeded to achieve this.

The game is scheduled for release at some point in 2024, and leaves fans with a challenge: “If you’re willing to take the risk, the galaxy is full of opportunity.”

You can find out more about the game by clicking HERE

What do you think about the announcement of the new Star Wars game? Was it what you were expecting? Let us know below!

Tue 04 Jul, 2023 4:28 PM
Thanks for the fantastic write up! I'm really stoked for this game, and I've been replaying Jedi Academy (PC) and Star Wars Bounty Hunter (PS2). I love Star Wars stories that take you away from being a Jedi and this looks like so much fun, if they can deliver!
Tue 04 Jul, 2023 7:23 PM
Thanks for the fantastic write up! I'm really stoked for this game, and I've been replaying Jedi Academy (PC) and Star Wars Bounty Hunter (PS2). I love Star Wars stories that take you away from being a Jedi and this looks like so much fun, if they can deliver!
Thanks Bedders, it certainly looks like they're trying to make this more expansive than other games, and I too am pleased to be able to consider something other than a Jedi career. Whatever they do though, it will never replace for me what Star Wars Galaxies delivered back in the day before the NGE and Sony Online Entertainment lost their minds... my little house on Lok on the Farstar Server... happy days and memories.