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Prodigy debuts on Netflix December 25th!

Star Trek Prodigy begins streaming on its new home: Netflix on December 25th.

By Solace Fri 24 Nov, 2023 9:37 PM
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Size:  224.5 KBStar Trek Prodigy's first season will make its debut on Netflix on December 25th 2023 with the second season being expected sometime later in 2024.

The show was cancelled by Paramount+ when the company merged with Showtime in June this year due to poor reviews and viewership. Prodigy had set itself lofty goals in its first season, introducing a whole generation and cast of characters and some surprising returns, most notably Kate Mulgrew as Admiral Kathryn Janeway, including Robert Beltran as Chakotay with Robert Picardo joining the cast in the second season reprising his role as the Doctor.

In response to the announcement of the shows new home, Kate Mulgrew posted that the announcement was a gift for the series' fans. On a personal note; at first I didn't think I would enjoy the series as it was aimed at a much younger target audience, but I decided watch a couple of episodes. Although I did enjoy the show and it has potential as a great addition to the Star Trek family.

I had a few gripes with the show mostly that the crew of the Protostar were essentially teenagers but they grew on me after a while and I was saddened to learn of the shows cancellation and the fact the show was pulled from the Paramount +'s library, Thankfully Netflix stepped in to save the day.

Did you enjoy Prodigy? Are you glad Netflix picked up the series? Let us know below!

Fri 24 Nov, 2023 10:01 PM
Very Excited to see the return of Prodigy myself. I really enjoyed season 1A and 1B and am really looking forward to season 2 and where it takes the crew of the protostar as well as how the Protostar class is implemented. It has some great opportunities as an Extremely long range scout ship that could help to reveal more of the elusive Gamma and Delta Quadrants. The only other ship with that sort of range is the USS Discovery and that is in a post burn time which likely has a very different vibe to it.

And I know what part of my Christmas day plan is now, Season 1 Rewatch over the weird timeless area between Christmas and New years day.
Sat 25 Nov, 2023 4:29 PM
Good to hear. I don't have P+ so I've missed just about all of the newer Trek series (except for Season 1 of SNW which I caught on Amazon Prime and loved), so I'm happy for the chance to catch this.