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The Left Hand of Destiny: Book One


In the aftermath of the Dominion War and the death of Gowron, former leader of the Klingon Empire, newly-appointed Chancellor Martok returns to the homeworld to assume his place of power. Yet, just as the flagship arrives, the Klingon Empire comes under a brutal attack! As Martok regroups his forces, a renegade group of Klingons take immediate power! But just who is the orchestrater of these coup d'etat? And what is Martok's dark secret that could endanger his friends and family?

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The Left Hand of Destiny: Book One Review Cover


As Martok returns to Qo'noS to assume power after the end of the Dominion War, a coup d'etat against him plunges the Klingon Empire into chaos.

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01 April 2003

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294 pages

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Featured Characters:

Angwar, B'Tak, Barnum, Annup Bommu, Sam Bowers, Darok, Ezri Dax, Drex, son of Martok, Gothmara, daughter of Kultan, Grot, son of Angwar, Hur'q 22, Iris Hume, Jaroun, K'Ehleyr, K'moth, K'mtec, K'rac, K'Tar, Kahless, son of Kahless, Kar-Tela, Kira Nerys, Korath, Kurs, Lazhna, daughter of Martok, Leskit, Lukara, M'Kec, Maapek, Manx, Martok, son of Urthog, Morjod, son of Martok, Ngane, Okado, Ortakin •Pharh, Q'ratt, Riku, William Ross, Alexander Rozhenko, Shen, daughter of Martok, Sithala, Sirella, daughter of Linkasa, Starn, Tamal, Tong, Worf, son of Mogh

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Deep Space Nine

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Wed 14 Jun, 2017 5:56 AM
This is a two parter and i honestly can't say which is better. There fore i'll judge them as one, and then i have to say without doubt: The Best StarTrek Novels EVER!
The books take you inside Klingon culture and shows you every single thing you always wanted to see about the Klingons. The scenes are so well written, i could visualize every single inch of the places i was taken to. I was almost shouting battlecries with the characters, and cursing out loud when appropriate.

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