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They were created to be killing machines. Highly intelligent, resourceful, and deceptively complex, the Jem'Hadar are a species engineered for war and programmed at the genetic level for one purpose: to fight until death as soldiers of the sprawling stellar empire known as the Dominion. No Jem'Hadar has ever lived thirty years, and not even their masters, the shape-shifting Founders, know what such a creature is capable of becoming were it to be freed of its servitude. One Founder, however, has dared to wonder. Appointed by Odo himself to learn peaceful coexistence aboard Deep Space 9, Taran'atar, an Honored Elder among the Jem'Hadar, had for months been a staunch, if conflicted, ally to the crew of the station, ever struggling to understand the mission on which he was sent... until something went horrifically wrong. Consumed by self-doubt and an ever-growing rage, Taran'atar has lashed out against those he was sworn to aid. While Captain Kira Nerys and Lieutenant Ro Laren both lie near death aboard Deep Space 9, their assailant has taken a hostage and fled into Cardassian space, pursued by Commander Elias Vaughn on the USS Defiant. But as the hunt unfolds, Taran'atar's true objective becomes increasingly less certain, as the rogue Jem'Hadar leads the Defiant to a discovery even more shocking than his crime.

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Warpath Review Cover


Vaughn and the crew of the Defiant pursue Taran'atar into Cardassian space, while Kira and Ro lie near death on Deep Space 9.

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28 March 2006

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352 pages

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Featured Characters:

Aylam Edeen, Julian Bashir, Boehm, Sam Bowers, Ron Broeking, Capril, Cardok, Cenn Desca, Jeannette Chao, Franz Cortez, Ezri Dax, Etana Kol, Greg Forte, Frazelli, Darrell Gervasi, Iliana Ghemor, Grauq, Quin Heins, Hollim Azahn, Michael Ingbar, Jaid, Jarmus Lenn, Jonu, Jull Zehar, Kira Nerys, Koth, Mikaela Leishman, Lorgh, Malk, Minecci, Stefka Merimark, Calvin Moore, Morn, Lisa Neeley, Jang Si Naran, Nog, Orruk, Quark, Qurag, Tariq Rahim, Krissten Richter, Ro Laren, Salmak, Savonigar, Selzner, Sergoz, Benjamin Sisko, Statham, Stov, Michael Strang, Taran'atar, Simon Tarses, Alberto Taveras, Prynn Tenmei, Thron, Treir, Elias Vaughn, Amy Zucca

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Deep Space Nine

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