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The Soul Key


There is a void in the alternate universe that demands to be filled. Iliana Ghemor, the Cardassian operative who years ago was altered in both body and mind to replace Kira Nerys, dreams of fulfilling a prophecy that will mark her as the one true Emissary of that other reality–a messianic figure who could lead her followers into an era of renewed hope... or an age of deepening darkness. Ghemor's claim to the mantle of the Emissary is by no means certain, however, as the inexorable pull of providence tugs also at other souls who are swept into the vortex of the Prophets, the remote and timeless beings who have set these strange events in motion. But the stakes are higher than anyone imagines: for the outcome of this struggle for the fate of one universe will ripple across many others, and become the key to unlocking a future that will prove to be the greatest trial yet for the heroes of station Deep Space 9.

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The Soul Key Review Cover


A former Cardassian agent will stop at nothing to become Emissary of the mirror universe!

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Original Release:

28 July 2009

Book Length:

301 pages

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Featured Characters:

Julian Bashir, Sam Bowers, Dava Nikende, Ezri Dax, Etana Kol, Iliana Ghemor, Gordimer, Ke Hovath, Ke Iniri, Kira Nerys, Mazagalanthi, Mikaela Leishman, Aaron McCallum, Fellen Ni-Yaleii, Nog, Raiq, Ro Laren, Shing-kur, Quark, Tariq Rahim, Krissten Richter, Ro Laren, Benjamin Sisko, Taran'atar, Simon Tarses, Telal, Prynn Tenmei, Elias Vaughn, Votiq, Dakahna Vaas, Skrain Dukat, Michael Eddington, Endar, Corbin Entek, Iliana Ghemor, Keiko Ishikawa, Jaro Essa, Kurn, Natima Lang, Leeta, L'Haan, Martok, Miles O'Brien, Opaka Sulan, Pennak, Ataan Rhukal, Luther Sloan, Prynn Tenmei, Thirishar ch'Thane, Ezri Tigan, Elias Vaughn, Winn Adami

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Deep Space Nine

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