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Final Space - Season 1


Gary, a prisoner aboard the prison ship Galaxy One, meets a mysterious and adorable, but deadly, world destroyer named Mooncake. Pursued by the sinister Lord Commander, Gary does all he can to protect Mooncake from the Lord Commanders plan to open 'Final Space'

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Final Space is a comedy animation voiced by a celebrity cast including Conan O'Brien (Chuck), David Tennant (Lord Commander), Tom Kenny (HUE), Steven Yeun (Little Cato) and many more, and produced by comedian Olan Rogers who also voices the title character Gary.

Gary begins as a prisoner aboard the prison ship Galaxy One, controlled by the onboard computer called HUE. We see a glimpse of Gary's monotonous routine and the insistent badgering by KVN, a ship-board Robot AI (who also sings KVN's got the magic and the magics got KVN, and smushes cookies against it’s metal exterior).

After 5 lonely years, it isn't long until trouble comes knocking in the form of the adorable and innocent looking Mooncake and vows to keep it safe, but all isn't as it seems. Mooncake is a mysterious, but powerful creature capable of destroying worlds, and is pursued by the Lord Commander looking to learn the secrets of 'Final Space'.

The animated story takes us on a galactic ride as the show picks up new members including Bounty Hunter Avocato, Infinity Guard Quinn and Little Cato (Avocato's Son), who together face down the Lord Commander to decide on the fate of the Universe.

Final Space is action packed and full of humour and one-liners that doesn't leave you disappointed - just watch out for the sass. The complete season 1 is available for viewing on Netflix.

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TBS, Netflix

Original Release:

15 February 2018

Featured Characters:

Conan O'Brien (Chuck), David Tennant (Lord Commander), Tom Kenny (HUE), Steven Yeun (Little Cato)

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