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Full Circle


"When the USS Voyager is dispatched on an urgent mission to the planet Kerovi, Captain Chakotay and his first officer, Commander Tom Paris, must choose between following their orders and saving the lives of two of those dearest to them. B'Elanna Torres and her daughter, Miral, are both missing in the wake of a brutal attack on the Klingon world of Boreth. With the aid of their former captain, Admiral Kathryn Janeway - as well as many old friends and new allies - Voyager's crew must unravel an ancient mystery, placing themselves between two warrior sects battling for the soul of the Klingon people... while the life of Miral hangs in the balance. But these events and their repercussions are merely the prelude to even darker days to come. As Voyager is drawn into a desperate struggle to prevent the annihilation of the Federation, lives are shattered, and the bonds that were forged in the Delta Quadrant are challenged in ways that none could have imagined. For though destiny has dealt them crushing blows, Voyager's crew must rise to face their future... and begin a perilous journey in which the wheel of fate comes full circle."

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"Full Circle is a Star Trek: Voyager novel - released in March 2009 - written by Kirsten Beyer. It is the first Voyager novel set after the series since 2004, and the first such novel not to be written by Christie Golden.

The novel covers a period of time running from the end of the previous novel Enemy of My Enemythrough the events of Star Trek: Destiny to its aftermath."

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31 March 2009

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576 pages

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Hugh Cambridge, Lyssa Campbell, Chakotay, Nancy Conlon, The Doctor, Afsarah Eden, Ayter Gwyn, Icheb, Kathryn Janeway, Jarem Kaz, Kim, Paris, Devi Patel, Seven of Nine, Akolo Tare, Torres, Tuvok, Vorik, Naomi Wildman, Samantha Wildman, Reginald Barclay, Willem Batiste, Xin Chan, Parimon Dasht, Tillum Drafar, Regina Farkas, Clarissa Glenn, Bruce Maddox, Kenneth Montgomery, Owen Paris, Peterson, Hosc T'Mar, Troi, Lewis Zimmerman

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Mass Market Paperback

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