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Signature Guide - Please Read Here First

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LynxMukka, Sun 27 Apr, 2014 10:03 PM
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    Welcome to your guide in requesting one of the famous UFP signatures. The aim of this guide is to provide as much information as possible as to the requirements of requesting a forum signature and any help with the process.

    The community graphics team will endeavour to complete your signature as soon as possible, but it may likely be 1-3 days for it to be finished, depending on how many other requests there are in the queue. You can check back on the request’s progress by looking at the thread, specifically the tag will show what its status is.

    Please remember when taking your character image in the STO tailor, you MUST have changed your settings to turn OFF Lighting 2.0, STO's new lighting system. Not changing your lighting settings will cause a delay in your request and you will be asked to retake the image using the above requirement. Information about this is HERE

    Also remember that subscribers are eligible to receive their tier's colour as a border colour on their signature. You must request this using the form. As stated below, stating that you have subscribed when you haven't will cause your request to be cancelled. The subscriber signature borders (Bronze, Silver or Gold) are for CURRENT subscribers only.

    • [ERROR] – means that an issue has been found with your request and it needs your attention in order for it to be continued. It might be that you have provided a low quality image or a ship name is already in use by a CL5 or CL6 member.
    • [PENDING] – means that your request has been looked at and is in the queue to be created and uploaded to the UFP site.
    • [COMPLETED] – means it has been completed, and is ready for your use on the forums.

    PRE-REQUISITE: All UFP members need at least 20 posts to have been made on the UFP forums in order to request a signature. If your post count is below this, the request will not be processed. This is so that those receiving the signatures are active members of the community.

    Frequency to Requests: Please try to keep the amount of requests you make down to a minimum. While the graphics team will always try to complete your signature as soon as possible, making an updated request several times in a month is unnecessary and your request will be treated with low priority as a result.

    Using the Form
    Filling out the form is simple.

    Request Type: Select either new signature or update signature. New signature is if this is your first ever request. Most likely if you’re a new member.

    Update Signature is if you already have one but you wish to change something on it, such as your position in the UFP.

    Ship Name: Enter the name of your desired starship name.

    You are allowed to only select ships or locations within the Star Trek Universe. If you’re struggling with this, you can find a useful database of canon ship names here:

    Ship Registry: Enter the registry of your desired starship. If your ship does not have a registry, simply put in N/A.

    Please note, you cannot share the same registry number/ship name combination with a CL5 or CL6 officer. For example, if you’re a CL4 staff member, and a CL5 Commanding Officer has the name/registry, USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A, you cannot also request that combination. We will also not process requests which seek to get around this, such as a request asking for NCC 1702-A. This is so that we keep some element of uniqueness where we can, since signatures act as someone’s ‘UFP Identity’.

    Main Image URL: Please enter the URL where the ship/location image is located. Please ensure you’ve checked that the link works.

    Because of the standard and quality of our signatures, please provide a high quality, widescreen image of your desired ship or location. Make sure you provide an image which you feel is suitable, since it will save time.

    If you’re struggling to find something of high quality, a member of the graphics team will assist you in finding something that you’re happy with. Alternatively, you can still try to find something you’re happy with, using the URLs in this post:

    Character Image URL: Please enter the URL of the character image you wish to use. At present, we only accept those obtained from Star Trek Online, the game. It is compulsory to take the screenshot of your character in the tailor view, so this for the sake of quality, since other parts of the game interfere with the way the avatar looks.


    • The character MUST be facing 20-30 degrees away from the ‘camera’, preferably towards the left.
    • The image must be taken with Lighting 2.0 turned OFF. This absolutely essential. Use of any other lighting will delay your signature and you will be asked to retake the image using the correct lighting.
    • The character MUST be in the appropriate uniform. See this link to see what is right and what is not acceptable.
    • The character MUST NOT be wearing any further rank pips from that of their UFP rank. For example, if you’re a Lieutenant Commander in the UFP, your character image must not be wearing Captain pips etc.

    When taking the screenshot, we recommend you adjust your game settings so that the game temporarily increases game graphics quality while in tailor view. You can do this via: settings > video > raise settings in character creator

    We also recommend that you type /screenshot_jpg into the chatbox in order to take the screenshot, since this will remove the user interface from the image and save to your game directory.

    Finally, if you do not own Star Trek Online as a game, you can request what you’d like your character to look like instead and a member of the graphics team will do their best to recreate that for you.

    Position: Select the position most relevant to you. If you do not hold a position, simply select the division name at the top of the list you wish to be associated with.

    Federation/Klingon Variant: Select whether you want a Federation or Klingon style signature. Bear in mind your character image HAS to match if you want either.

    For example, you cannot have a Starfleet Officer but select a Klingon variant.

    Subscription Status: Select whether you are a CURRENT subscriber to the UFP.
    If you are subscribed then select your tier of subscription; Bronze, Silver or Gold.
    If you are not subscribed then select no.


    Comments: Use this space if you have anything else to add. More often than not, most members use this space to state what it is they are changing.

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