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Three of Seven, Wed 10 Jan, 2018 8:17 PM
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    Contact Us - General Enquiries

    The following feedback was sent via the feedback form.

    Once you have gotten the game installed, make sure that it is patched to 1.1 -- most of the time, the game is already patched to 1.1, but to be sure it is always a good idea to patch the game regardless."

    You had a topic with this description. nice but that is the MOST Problem install of STBC just doesnt work on windows 10 or 7
    The thread with the setup guide does have a section for Windows 10, which is this guide here. If for some reason, that is not working, I would recommend making a forum account and posting a thread within our Starfleet Tactical forum, so someone can guide you through the process better. That way, they might be able to help with any specific problems that are coming up.