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Lieutenant Tess - Service log

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Blaster, Mon 14 Jan, 2019 5:08 PM
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    Officer Quarters - Deck 6 - U.S.S Homeland

    Computer, begin log.

    So.... its been a while I would say. Let me tell you what I have been through.

    I joined starfleet Academy one year after the Dominion war, the effects of the war were still noticeable at the Academy. Damage was in quite a few places and there were a lack of trainers and officers.

    I went through the standard 4 year training. It was time for my classes cadet cruise. We were stationed on the U.S.S Blaze for our cruise. I was given the role of Acting Secondary Helmsman and acting Fighter Pilot XO.

    We arrived at Vulcan and started doing some testing. First we had to get the ship through a series of "simulated" obstacles such a rocks. Then it got harder. The ship was attacked by a few drones which fired small tachyon bursts. They would slowly drain the shields. The main ship dealt with the bigger drones while my squad and I went and dealt with the smaller ones. Two fighters were disabled but we manged to clear them all. However the helm console emitted a stun pulse to simulate an explosion, knocking out the Helmsman. I had to take control. We managed to clear our cadet cruiser quite well.

    The next day we got our stations. I, as well as all of my class, were stationed on the U.S.S Blaze. Most of my class got crewman, PO and Chief ranks. The acting bridge officers got Chief. But myself and the acting FO, Adam Relus, got the rank of Ensign. Relus was stationed on tactical 2. I was given the position of main Helmsman.

    Computer, bring up log on the U.S.S Blaze.

    Bringing up log now....

    U.S.S Blaze
    Class: Defiant
    Fleet: 3rd Fleet
    Fleet Role: Secondary Attack Ship
    Crew: 60.
    Shields: IX shielding.
    Armaments: IX duel phaser bank, two X phaser cannons, X Quantum Torpedo Launcher - Front. Three X phaser banks, X quantum torpedo launcher - aft.
    Captain: Jamie Leck,
    First Officer: Commander Amy Brink.

    I held that post for about 2 years. Then I was transferred to the U.S.S Homeland. It was a powerful ship. Sovereign class. I knew the Captain of it pretty well. We had several missions on it, such as engagements with the Borg, True way and Orions. All went well.

    Computer, bring up log on the U.S.S Homeland

    Bringing up log now....

    U.S.S Homeland
    Class: Sovereign
    Fleet: 1st Fleet
    Fleet Role: Command ship.
    Crew: 1,250
    Shields: XV Shielding
    Armaments: Four XV Phaser banks, Two XV Quantum Torpedo Launchers, One XV experimental phaser bank - Front. Four XV phaser banks, Two XV Quantum Torpedo Launchers - Aft.
    Captain: Admiral Blaster
    Commander: Vice Admiral T'Vrell.

    This is where I am now. I'll be transfering to the ARES in a few hours. Once we reach Dorvan V and clear a path through any hostiles. Until then, live long and prosper.

    End of Log