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[Announcement] - SFA Survey Results - June 2019

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Enlistednut09, Sun 23 Jun, 2019 7:54 AM
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    Greetings UFP,

    Below are the Community Survey Results for Starfleet Academy for June 2019. Things have been going well over the past few months however we are still on the search for an XO since the last survey. The Academy RSO staff continue to excel at welcoming new and returning members and our Recruitment Operations are proceeding very well.

    Also, want to ensure that everyone knows about the upcoming New Member Welcome Session on 13 July. Please signup on the Event page HERE.

    As always, I want to thank everyone for providing your feedback. The SFA doors are always open, so if you have any additional feedback, suggestions or complaints, feel free to drop myself a PM or by using the forum feedback form.

    Special thanks to the SFA team for all your hard work and effort throughout the last quarter!


    JUNE 2019 APPROVAL: 100%(+1%)
    MARCH 2019 APPROVAL: 99%


    Strongly Approve: 23%
    Approve: 17%
    Neutral: 59.5%
    Disapprove: 0.5%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    MARCH 2019 APPROVAL: 99%(~)
    DEC 2018 APPROVAL: 99%


    Strongly Approve: 25%
    Approve: 21%
    Neutral: 53%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 1%

    Doing good gaming online.
    Enlistednut09: We are glad that you are doing well, the Academy Staff prides itself on ensuring all of the members within the UFP are able to be welcomed and game or communicate well with each other.

    Members join, some post introductions, others just fade away. However, in those introductions, it is good to see the RSOs participating and encouraging the new members.
    Enlistednut09: We try to ensure that all UFP members are welcomed and encouraged to participate as much as possible.

    I dont know enough of what they do to respond.
    Enlistednut09: The Academy is responsible for all external recruitment efforts on behalf of the UFP and we are responsible for welcoming all new and returning UFP Members.

    The SFA team does a great job as they always do. Kudos!
    Enlistednut09: Thank you very much, the Academy Staff prides itself on our daily interactions with our new recruits.

    This is a very valuable part of the fleet. Without them I believe our membership and retention would be much lower.
    Enlistednut09: I couldn’t agree more, I believe the Academy is extremely valuable to the UFP. We may not be front and center like some of the other UFP Divisions, however we are always there in the background when you need us.

    I like the Starfleet Academy it is well put together thou if the could be any way there could be Academy lectures could be made in video format for students interested in learning more. I do understand this would take a great deal in planning and time and would be happy to help.
    Enlistednut09: This is an interesting concept, thank you for the suggestion.

    you guys have always been very structured at getting people into the fleet and involved. I particularly like how you sign post people these days.
    Enlistednut09: Thank you, we try to ensure that across the board every new or returning member of the UFP receives the same high standard of support.

    New members seem to be coming in and being welcomed well. - Smile
    Enlistednut09: We always have a constant stream of new recruits here at the UFP, I think this speaks to both the Academy’s recruitment efforts and the UFP Leadership continuing to make the UFP an amazing place that members want to be.