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Holodeck Structure & Staff

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Bedders, Wed 10 Mar, 2021 5:29 PM
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    Holodeck Division Staff Team

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    This thread details the Holodeck Division - our structure, our staff, and the games we support, as well as who to contact for them. This post should help you understand who to contact if there's a game you'd like to host events for or to check for interest within the community itself! We're all gamers here in this community and it's definitely fun to play other gaming titles within the UFPlanets Community itself!

    If there is a game you'd like us to look into hosting or bolster the presence of an existing title, please feel free to get in touch with the person or people below. If it's not listed, any of our friendly staff will be able to help!

    Throughout the week Holodeck runs events which you can check by visiting the Events page.
    If you are curious to know which games have been hosted recently and the community has been playing, feel free to check out our After Action Reports
    Finally, the UFPlanets Community has support in many games and titles where we have had interest and do maintain a presence regardless of a staff member actively assigned to them, which you can find in this post : Holodeck's Games with Guilds

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    Holodeck Command
    The job of the command staff is to lead the division, and to manage & assist staff and in-game presences. The command staff also handle their own individual game titles/events and ensure everyone in the community have great time with various game titles. If you have any feedback or suggestions, always feel welcome to PM us on this!
    • Commanding Officer : Heads of Community Gaming
    • Executive Officer : -VACANT-

    Gaming Supervisor
    Gaming Supervisors have organisational permissions in specific games' clans to manage assets, rosters etc. depending on what's allowed by the game. Being experts in their respective game(s), they are an ideal first point of contact for new or returning players. They also help co-ordinate efforts with Gaming Specialists of the same title by running events, handling invites, and writing after action reports.

    If you have some event or ideas you'd like to discuss for respective titles actively lead by the current Supervisors, please contact them below:

    Gaming Specialist
    The mainstay position within Holodeck, Gaming Specialists lead events and maintain a presence in our diverse range of games by running events, handling invites as needed and filing after action reports

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    Who to Contact

    These are the games our volunteers are focused on and are an ideal contact for anything regarding them.

    Game Person(s) to Contact
    Destiny 2 Heyallo
    Elder Scrolls Online Three of Seven
    Elite Dangerous Bedders, Heyallo
    EVE Online Three of Seven
    Grand Theft Auto 5 Three of Seven, Bedders
    Minecraft Bedders
    Neverwinter Online Three of Seven
    Red Dead Redemption 2 Three of Seven, Bedders
    Star Wars (any title) Saelanna
    The Division 2 Heyallo
    The Lord Of The Rings Online Saelanna
    Valheim Th3TrueLuke, Bedders
    Warframe Bedders, Heyallo
    World Of Warcraft Sammygm, Rattlehead, Mack
    World of Warships Bedders
    Conqueror's Blade Th3TrueLuke, Bedders

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    Admiral Bedders
    Holodeck Commanding Officer
    Bedders Medals