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UFP 20th Anniversary Raffle

Started By:
Three of Seven, Mon 09 May, 2022 1:07 PM
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    post anni

    Greetings Captains,

    As you know, we are celebrating 20 years of our existence, you can refer back to this post to find out more, and sign up to Taskmaster, if you so wish.

    There are £200 worth of vouchers up for grabs, split between 9 winners! You can pick up one entry per day, consider it a forum based daily quest of pressing a button! This raffle is only open to CL3 and above.

    We will contact those who win via the forums.

    GRAND PRIZE - £50 worth of vouchers
    2nd Prize - £40 worth of vouchers
    3rd Prize - £30 worth of vouchers
    4th Prize - x2 winners of £20 worth of vouchers
    5th Prize - x4 winners of £10 worth of vouchers

    This starts today and ends in 20 days!

    (Prizes may be added during the course of this raffle. No prizes already announced will be removed. If you are unable to use any of the vouchers mentioned, we can issue PayPal credit equal to the prize amount. Prize amounts are subject to the vouchers available and their amounts from the chosen vendor. If you don't claim your prize within two weeks, a new winner will be chosen.)
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    Thanks to Three and the whole admin team for organizing this. Fun little games and events like this really add to the fun atmosphere of {UFP}!
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