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Starfleet Academy - Recruitment Coordinator

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Sunfire, 1 Week Ago
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    Starfleet Academy - Recruitment Coordinator
    CL4 - Tier 3 (Lieutenant Commander)

    Starfleet Academy is looking for a new Recruitment Coodinator to assist in continuing our work for the community.

    We're currently looking for a positive, active and enthusiastic individual to help the Recruit Support Officers organise and manage the United Federation of Planets recruitment efforts. The Recruitment Coordinator organises recruitment shifts, checks if recruitment efforts were done according to regulations and reports to SFA Command regularly. This position will be part of the extended SFA command team and you will have a chance to deliver valuable feedback and input on how Starfleet Academy is run and developed going forward.

    The Recruitment Coordinator is also a Recruitment Support Officer at the same time, so they will also assist our newest members settle into our community as well as to assist with our on-going recruitment efforts across supported game forums. If you have a keen interest in the member experience, developing recruitment efforts within the UFP and supporting new members through their journey, this position could be for you!

    • Coordinate, plan and manage recruitment efforts for UFP's supported games.
    • Report to SFA command about recruitment efforts.
    • Post in UFPlanets recruitment threads as required.
    • Work as part of the SFA team to successfully draw in new members through a range of mediums.
    • The successful candidate of this role would report to Sunfire and AlexRider

    • Exams: Orientation Assessment & Officer Qualification Exam
    • Have been an active registered member for a period of at least 3 weeks.
    • Be prepared to actively engage with new members of the UFP.
    • Be prepared to actively participate in the UFP's External Recruitment Activities across various gaming forums.
    • Is it a CL5 position? No
      PLEASE NOTE: If it is a CL5 position, the successful candidate will have to sign the Command Position Agreement before entering the role.

    Please apply using the Position Application Form.
    The position closes on 12 Mar 2024

    TIP: While it is ultimately up to you how you format your application, please try to include your online volunteering history, any relevant real life experience that's applicable, why you decided to stick with the UFP, why you feel you're the best person for the role and how you think it will benefit you.
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