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Website Community Feedback - March 2024

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Jess, 3 Weeks Ago
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    Sometimes navigating the forums is a tad confusing.
    Jess: We're always working on way to improve our members' experience while browsing the website. I'm open to any suggestions you may have on that. Please feel free to send me a PM and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you!

    Random comment of strong approval
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    The website is easy to navigate and works well and basically never have any problems connecting to it. As last time I see a few sections that might need to be more hidden or changed around but that is partially fault as I never did get in touch to give a more detailed list of my ideas in this area. I’ll try and get some of them in before the June survey (and hopefully some other members will join me in this), just let me know who to PM to get them recorded.
    Jess: My PMs are always open for suggestions! Feel free to send a PM to me with any specific feedback you have in this area!

    Chris Wilkinson: Like Jess has mentioned my PM's are also open if you have any ideas or if those are specifically around the Holodeck area of the site.

    It's honestly one of the best websites for a guild type group I've ever used.
    Jess: We do work very hard to ensure we have the BEST website around! Thank you so much!

    Chris Wilkinson: While I'm new to the team, everyone who has worked on the site so far has done a fantastic job over the years. All going well we'll continue that fine tradition.

    Great to see someone new taking over and being active Smile
    Jess: I'm always happy to lend a hand wherever it's needed!

    Chris Wilkinson: Jess has been doing a fine job since becoming the deputy head of tech, she's on the ball and knows her stuff.

    Oh yes, big yes.
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    Now that I can comment on. It's more complex than I expected, but no less than what I would expect for such a prestigious agency within Star Fleet! I mean, no less than many other agencies within the federation. It's awesome... classy, more than I expected, and definitely something that an uber-geeky, nerdy, Star Trek fan boi could appreciate! :-) Uh, I'm almost 70, did I use fan boi correctly. ;-)
    Jess: You did use fan boi correctly! Thank you so much for the feedback!

    Chris Wilkinson: The site does look very much like something I would expect to see from Starfleet, it's come a long way over the years.


    Sometimes it's a bit hard to find something but I end up finding it in the end.
    Jess: If you ever need help finding something on the website, please let me know. I'm more than happy to give a few pointers and guidance on how things are organised on our website.

    In general, however, the website is organised according to the subject matter. The forum descriptions should be visible to you as well, which should provide general guidance as to what you'll find in a specific area. With that said, if the descriptions aren't clear enough, I'm open to suggestions on how we can improve them!

    Why is it not pink yet?
    Three of Seven: I ask myself this every night.

    Jess: That may or may not be in the works Wink

    Chris Wilkinson:
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    Everyone is doing a fantastic job.
    Jess: Thank you for your kind words! We definitely try to do our best.
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