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[Announcement] - SFA Community Survey Resuts - Mar 2023

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Sunfire, 3 Weeks Ago
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    March 2024 APPROVAL: 100%(+2%)


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    Random comment of strong approval
    Sunfire: Specific comment of gratitude!

    While the department seems to have suffered some losses over time and appears to be running on quite a lean crew currently, they are an often unsung cornerstone of the UFP.
    Sunfire: It is indeed true, that the Academy is currently running with very few staff members. The only reason we can actually do our duty to the extend we do is that our few remaining RSOs are doing one hell of a job! It is unfortunately an often thankless job that sweeps by under the radar most of the time, so thank you for the kind words!

    It has been quite a while since I was last in the Academy’s care but they did excellently there and I have seen nothing to dissuade me of that notion since. Everyone looks incredibly dedicated and always welcoming to new members.
    Sunfire: Thank you for your positive feedback and kind words, that's what we try to do!

    Thank you for advertising the community and working with our new starts Smile
    Sunfire: You're welcome and thanks for the warm words!

    Not involved in the Academy, but from what I looked I can click "Approve".
    Sunfire: Thank you! Btw, if you want to get involved in the Academy, please feel free to apply as we are still looking for more RSOs Wink

    I would have liked a bit more detail on how and what where is what I need. I mean, I think there are quizzes, but I thought maybe classes to learn before I quiz. So, a bit confused... but, did have someone hand hold me a bit, and if I could only remember who, I could reach out, so that's nice... oh, yeah... my messages. I guess I just wish I could figure all of this out... like the Game, there's more than meets the eye. I'm thinking it's OK to take a few months to get warm and fuzzy with all of this, and finding out where I might fit in! :-)
    Sunfire: I have seen this feedback before and I think I know who you are. As I have mentioned in my PM back then, the exams are entirely optional and never required for anything else than applying to certain CL4 or 5 positions. As for who you can reach out to, there is always your RSO (even after relinquishment we are standing ready to help), or every other staff member of the Academy - me included.

    Sunfire: As my toddler likes to say: woof-woof!

    It's pretty good!
    Sunfire: Thanks!

    Where is my certificate?! I want a certificate to frame on my wall!
    Sunfire: Don't we all? I also want a functioning replicator that actually provides cake! But apparently that's too much to ask - just like certificates /sulks

    Everyone is doing a fantastic job.
    Sunfire: <3
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