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Academy News [May 3rd, 2024]

Started By:
AlexRider, Fri 03 May, 2024 7:51 AM
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    sfa banner 2017

    Greetings all!

    Welcome to 2024's May edition of the Academy News! I am Commodore AlexRider, SFA Deputy Commandant. This newsletter is an Academy's initiative in order to keep you abreast of the latest news from across the United Federation of Planets.

    We welcome the following new members who have joined (or re-joined) the UFP last and this month:

    • DailyDoseOfSam
    • Vista
    • kemi
    • Dinosmite293
    • LuminousLight
    • Jaywright1810
    • Tiburse

    Welcome (back) aboard, crewmen!

    • New Technical Service Staff:
      (From the Joint Head of Technical Service Rear Admiral Jess):

      I am pleased to announce the addition of two new Technical Support Technicians to the Technical Services department.

      Rear Admiral Vivi and Commodore Mark Okuda have stepped up to the challenge! They will assist anyone with any technical issue either on the forums, in game, or on Discord. If you have any issues, please feel free to use the Technical Services Request form and one of our friendly Technicians will be happy to assist you!

      Congratulations and welcome to the team!

    • Gostlool joins Holodeck:
      (From the SFHolo Commanding Officer Admiral Chris Wilkinson):

      Good News Everyone,

      I'm happy to announce that we've got a new member of the Holodeck team as a Gaming Specialist.

      I'd like you all to help me congratulate (Prov.) Lieutenant Gostlool on his new position and I'm confident that he'll be a welcome addition to the team bringing with him experience of Paradox games among others.

      I look forward to seeing what you bring to table and I look forward to participating in some of your events.

    • Deputy Head of Community Gaming:
      (From the Head of Community Gaming Admiral Bridger):

      Greetings everyone!

      To ensure the ongoing success of Community Gaming, I've decided to designate a Deputy Head of Community Gaming. This will ensure that the gaming division operates at its highest efficiency, allowing UFP to flow smoothly without any disruptions!

      Please join me in welcoming back Admiral Mack into the role as Deputy Head of Community Gaming as an FEO Deputy (CL5.5)

      Drawing from Mack's extensive background in diverse UFP roles, notably his past tenure as Deputy Head of Community Gaming, it became evident that he was the optimal candidate to shoulder this significant responsibility.

      The UFP would not be the place it is today without our volunteers who selflessly sacrifice their time to help out. Check out the currently open volunteer positions, and how to apply for one, HERE. If you don't find something there that aligns with your interests, you can always fill out the volunteer interest form to express your desire for something specific to help our community grow. Use the bottom section of the form for that and make sure you treat it just as importantly as an application for an open position. Put in as many details as possible and thank you for your interest!

    The United Federation of Planets has a good number of events coming up! You can sign up for any of these events HERE. Events are for STO as well as Holodeck games that are not Star Trek related. Here are some examples of upcoming events:

    • Baldur's Gate 3:
      On Saturday, May 4th, at 7 PM BST; SFHolo Commanding Officer Admiral Chris Wilkinson:

      We're going to continue from where we left off in the last session on the continent of Faerun.

      If we do have anyone else looking to start playing in a group, we can get a second game running at the same time with those members and they can be run simultaneously.

      I look forward to seeing you there!

    • Star Trek Online: Special Ops Saturday:
      On Saturday, May 4th, at 8 PM BST; Star Trek Online Executive Officer Admiral Morris:

      This event is now hosted by Special Ops Commanders: Morris, Rastilion, Miles, and Remsus.

      This is event is open to everyone.

      Things we typically get up to:
      Any TFO runs requested by attendees
      Event Runs
      Accolade Hunting
      Build Advice
      Elite content runs for some extra challenge!
      Join us to have some fun and hang out with fellow fleet mates!

    • Star Wars The Old Republic - Flashpoints:
      On Sunday, May 5th, at 1 PM BST; SFHolo Commanding Officer Admiral Chris Wilkinson:

      Greetings fellow Champions!

      Tonight we perform one or more dangerous missions to aid the Galaxy in it's glorious fight!
      How many missions is determined by the galaxy's most wealthy, as they send urgent requests for help from all corners of the galaxy.
      We may be up against members of the Hutt Cartels, smugglers, pirates, or a large faction such as the Republic or Empire!
      It is hoped that all attending will make it back in one piece, but as ever - last messages to loved ones will be passed across should you fall in battle.

      This event will be either Republic or Imperial based depending on what characters we wish to play on the night.

    • Borderlands - Cuddling Claptrap:
      On Tuesday, May 7th, at 7:30 PM BST; Gaming Specialist Admiral Bedders:

      So you want to hear a story, eh?

      A tale of Vaults filled with riches and incredible powers — too bad the mega-corporations, vicious bandits, and annoying, unhelpful robots want it all for themselves!

      As Vault Hunters, you'll brave the merciless Borderlands in search of secret alien treasure, looting and shooting everything in sight (with the odd bit of hero stuff mixed in).

      There is a 4 player limit in any single game so should more than 4 people attend we will split into multiple sessions.
      Ideally the person/people furthest behind in the story will host, so their quests advance.

      We will be working our way through all of the main Borderlands games.

      I look forward to seeing you there!

    Our Federation News Service has a number of dedicated writers who are writing articles on a regular basis for you to read. Here are some examples of recently published works:

    • Fallout: The Wasteland has never seemed so fun by Rear Admiral Woorlord:
      Is Fallout the most successful video game to TV adaptation? It might very well be. You can read the article here.

    • UFP Stellar Cartography May 2024 by Rear Admiral Woorlord:
      This month’s edition retrospectively examines the amazing Solar Eclipse and looks at the ghostly reflection of Earthshine on the Moon in May. Enjoy reading this article here.

    Alright, this is it for this month. I hope you enjoyed reading this newspaper. See you soon and in June (hey, that rhymes...) when it's time for the next one. Until then... keep your phasers charged and make those Tribbles purr! Wink

    Commodore AlexRider
    SFA Deputy Commandant
    FNS Staff Writer
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