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Star Trek Online - Special OPS Commander

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Jestersmith, Thu 09 May, 2024 9:07 AM
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    STO 240

    Star Trek Online - Special OPS Commander
    CL4 - Tier 2 (Lieutenant)

    We're currently in search of a new addition to our Spec Ops team. We're seeking an individual who embodies a spirit of fun and inclusivity. The primary objective of this role is to organize and oversee regular in-game events, fostering participation from all members. Additionally, responsibilities include effectively advertising weekly events across UFP fleets and armada, as well as maintaining a welcoming and supportive presence on the forums, offering assistance whenever possible. Regular events are scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays, with the added flexibility to host impromptu events throughout the week, catering to players of all skill levels.

    • Organizing, promoting, and managing in-game events.
    • Monitoring Spec Ops forum and fleet leagues.
    • Providing assistance with space and ground builds when available.
    • The successful candidate of this role would report to Novalance, Morris, Jestersmith & Bill.

    • Exams: None
    • Is it a CL5 position? No
      PLEASE NOTE: If it is a CL5 position, the successful candidate will have to sign the Command Position Agreement before entering the role.

    Please apply using the Position Application Form.
    The position closes on This position has no closing date.

    TIP: While it is ultimately up to you how you format your application, please try to include your online volunteering history, any relevant real life experience that's applicable, why you decided to stick with the UFP, why you feel you're the best person for the role and how you think it will benefit you.

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